Art Of Logic is a nonogram game full of multi-puzzles with detailed images.  Nonograms are logic puzzles whereby the player is given a grid with numerical clues for each row and column.  From these clues, the player must deduce which grid squares are black and which are white (or “empty”).  The completed puzzle is often a simple image.  In Art Of Logic, one puzzle is only one piece of a larger, detailed image. Solve all puzzle pieces to see the final image.

Ship WinScreen-Crop

All of our puzzles are completely logical.  There is no need to guess, unless, of course, you want to.  

How to Play

Each puzzle is a grid with numerical clues for each row and column. Column clues are at the top. Row clues are to the left. Each number represents a set of black consecutive squares in that given row or column. For example, in the 10 x 10 grid shown, the row with the clues “2-4-2” only has one solution. Two black squares, 4 black squares, and another two black squares. Each sequence of black is separated by a white square, making 10 squares in total to complete the row. The clues highlight blue if you fill in all the squares and satisfy all the clues for that row (or column).

tutorial image-final

Often, only part of a row or column can be completed at any one time. Looking at that same grid, the first column with the clue “6” indicates a set of 6 black squares only.  The remaining four squares in that column will be white.  The set of 6 black squares MUST include the black square already filled in from the row “2-4-2”.  And the top squares of that first column could not possibly be black, so we can paint them white.

tutorial2  image-final

Continuing in this manner will give you a finished puzzle. You can finish this particular puzzle in the tutorial section of Art Of Logic.
Happy Solving!

Buttons and Controls

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